TAF was contacted about a sad little balding chihuahua whose owner had died and no one in the family wanted him, so he was taken to a local shelter. There was no way we could leave his sweet little face at the shelter, so the pup, whom we named Coach Q, was taken directly to our vet. 

His initial bloodwork showed he was dehydrated and anemic, but also showed his thyroid hormones were low. Q was also suffering from a grade 4 (scale of 1-4) bilateral luxating patella which was causing him pain. We hospitalized him on IV fluids and antibiotics to stave off any illness and started his thyroid medication and pain medication. Within a few weeks he had started to bounce back and underwent surgery to correct his knee problems.

Because Q was only 6 pounds, we needed him to have physical therapy after his surgery. He was too used to holding up his legs funny, and needed to develop muscle to hope support his little frame. 

Well...while at physical therapy he met a woman who was looking for another little chihuahua...it was an instant match and Q was adopted!