Two months ago, Clue (pup on the right) was homeless and living on the streets of Chicago. Sleeping in a dirt hole that he had dug for himself, Clue did the best that he could to stay warm and safe. If you take a look at the photos on the left, you will see where Clue considered home.

We are happy to announce that after weeks of medical and emotional care, Clue has found his forever home in time for Christmas!!! 

This once terrified boy was so smitten with his new dad that he kept play bowing within moments of meeting him. That was the fastest that Clue has ever warmed up to anybody! By the look of the smile on his face, Clue knew that he had just found his new forever family. Never again will he have to worry about where his next meal is coming from or how he is going to stay warm throughout the night... life is good.