TAF pulled Cleo from Animal Control after she had been impounded. We knew that she was a diamond in the rough and just needed a chance to prove herself. After some time to chill out, get a bath and play, Cleo’s true colors shined through and she was absolutely amazing. It was time for her to find her forever home!

When Cleo’s future family inquired about her, there was an unusual twist… they had just adopted a puppy! They knew that a confident girl like Cleo would be an excellent role model for a puppy that had a tough start at life. We all knew that Cleo would not only be a great big sis but a loyal guardian to the littles of the family, too. Quite simply, Cleo’s adoption would make a family a whole and bring joy to so many people… this is the power of a dog.

With that being said, TAF would like to officially announce that Cleo has found her forever home! She has landed herself one of the most open hearted and caring families that we have ever had the pleasure of meeting. To adopt 2 shelter dogs and give them time to adjust and thrive is simply spectacular! What a great example of humanity mom and dad are showing their children… the ripple effect of their kindness will most assuredly have an influence on generations to come. BRAVO!!!