Imagine that after 10 years of devoted love to your best friend, they decide to trade you in for a newer model… that is exactly what happened to Chula.

When TAF came across Chula at an open access shelter, she was so terrified in her cage that she was not willing to let people touch her. Because of this, she was slated to be humanely euthanized. 

There was something inexplicably haunting when you looked into Chula’s eyes… it was a deep sadness that told a story of loss and hopelessness. Chula had not had an easy life and we knew that this was her last chance at redemption. If we didn’t take her then, she would not live to see another day.

It quickly became apparent that the way to Chula’s heart was with the help of another dog. Chula went to stay with three of TAF’s rehabilitation dogs, Hazel Grace, Miller and Antler. Chula was given as long as she needed to acclimate and used Hazel Grace as a guide for everything that she did. Once she felt comfortable, Chula started going to daycare with Hazel Grace and interacted with all sizes of dogs. Once she felt comfortable with the staff at Unleashed Pups, her world began to open up. Slowly, our little Chula started to learn that the only way that your heart will mend is to learn to love again… and that is exactly what she did. 


It would take over three months to fully win Chula over and find the absolute perfect home for her. In fact, it was to a home that TAF adopted one of our first dogs to in 2009 and another in 2013. 

Chula’s new mom and dad are two of the most loving, patient and caring people that we have ever met and we knew that they would give Chula the time that she needed to blossom in their home. They are pretty much the dream home for a dog that doesn’t know just how truly special they are. We are all made up of scars... some just take a little longer to heal.