Carmella was running loose in a pretty rough area of Chicago with a big gash on her neck. Luckily for Carmella there were some pretty great people trying to feed and catch her. Katie, one our trusted friends, was able to catch Carmella and she worked with her friend Cindy to get Carmella the medical attention that she needed. Cindy even cared for Carmella in her home until TAF had space for her. Being able to buy Carmella some time kept her from having to go to the city pound.

Once Carmella was with TAF, we worked on her socialization skills with other dogs and were able to continue her vetting and get her spayed.

As fate would have it, Carmella’s future family wanted to adopt another pup in TAF’s program. When we called this pup’s foster family they let us know that they could not bear to part with their foster pup. Still wanting to help a homeless dog in need, Carmella’s new family agreed to meet Carmella and the rest is history. 

When we drove Carmella out to her new quiet suburb, she seemed quite confused and nervous. She had already been moved around to so many locations and one can only imagine what she was thinking. 

Quite nervous to get out of the car, Carmella quickly warmed up as her new family met her at the front door and knelt down to greet her. Before long, Carmella was investigating throughout the house. When she saw that there were treats in the kitchen, she lie down on the floor, looked up at me and was like, “I’m good, you can leave me now”.

Carmella’s new mom and sister wanted to save a homeless dog and show it what true love is. They did not get deterred when their original choice was not available and instead opened their hearts to another… a selfless act that some might not have been opened to. It truly shows their character and we are so thrilled that they will forever be watching over Carmella. She is one lucky dog... just look at the smile on her face!