Sometimes fate steps in and things happen for a reason... 

TAF thought we were doing the right thing by trying to save Carcillo's injured eye and the surrounding areas a few months ago. We tried surgical procedures, drops, you name it, but Carcillo still seemed to be uncomfortable, crabby and evidently still in pain.

After taking Carcillo's quality of life into account, TAF and Carcillo's doctors decided that his injured eye needed to be removed.

Within three days of Carcillo's eye removal, he was like a new dog. This once anti-social boy was now wanting to play with the other dogs, wasn't having accidents in his crate, and was a love to everybody that he met. I can't imagine the amount of discomfort that he must have been in for his temperament to make such a one-eighty.

The photo on the left is of Carcillo pre-surgery and the photo on the right is post-surgery. Such a difference in the sweet expression on his face.

I guess sometimes vanity is the only thing that gets in the way of us humans making the right decisions. Three legs, one eye... these animals are just as happy and healthy as their whole counterparts.