On September 5th, TAF was called by the Chicago Police Department asking for immediate help for a trauma case. One of their officers had found a critically injured Shih Tzu in a highly coyote populated area. The bottom of the dog’s leg had been bitten off. Brena’s bones were exposed, the tissue had been torn away and she was suffering. Knowing that Brena was critically injured and needed to have her leg amputated to survive, we brought her to the ER vet where she was stabilized before surgery. In less than 24 hours, Brena had her mutilated leg removed and was given a second chance at life. Almost immediately, Brena was back up on all 3 and running around like a champ.

When the time came for Brena to find her forever home, she was so incredibly lucky because so many amazing people wanted to adopt her. In the end, there was one family in particular that was the perfect fit for Brena. Her future mom’s story of survival rallied that of Brena’s. It was meant to be that these two be together and continue in their healing. With that being said, we are thrilled to announce that Brena has found her forever home! She has left the busy city life behind and now lives in a quiet suburb of Indiana. Brena has a yard to play in and a family that lives and breathes by her. Quite simply, she has received her happily ever after. TAF would like to thank everyone that donated towards Brena’s medical care. She owes her life to you and that is the best gift one can give. To say that you are all appreciated would be the understatement of the year. You are absolutely the best!