This past November 17th was the two-year anniversary of TAF’s namesake Trio’s passing. To honor Trio’s memory, TAF ventured out to a local open access shelter on a mission to find the neediest of female pitbulls. A dog, just like our Trio, that was waiting for her suffering to stop, the pain to go away and a second chance at salvation.

As we walked through the medical ward, we came across an emaciated female pitbull with extensive damage to her back leg. Upon seeing us, the injured pup tried to come to the door of her cage but she was too weak and in too much pain to make it over.

Everyone in the room just looked at each other in disbelief, as we didn’t quite know how to handle what we were witnessing. 

The shelter had already started her on IV fluids and had put a splint on her injured leg but it was obvious that this dog needed a higher level of emergency medical care.

Once we had the injured pup in the car, it was apparent that something was very wrong and that the smell that was making us gag was coming from the puss and necrotic (dead) tissue beneath the splint.

The pup, now named Bluebelle, was rushed to the vet where she was immediately assessed and x-rayed. 

If I knew it wouldn’t repulse you, I would post the photos of the rotting hole in her leg. The smell literally cleared the room, as it was impossible to stomach without a mask on. If it wasn’t for her extreme emaciated state, Bluebelle would have had her leg amputated, at that time, to prevent further spread of gangrene and infection.

For the weeks to follow, Bluebelle was hospitalized on IV fluids, hardcore antibiotics and painkillers. During this time, the dead skin and necrotic tissue in and around her wound was cut away and the wound was flushed out.

With top-notch medical care and many prayers and good thoughts from Bluebelle’s followers, our beautiful girl made a miraculous recovery and was able to keep her leg.

It was ironic that the dog picked to honor the memory of our Trio almost suffered the same loss of her leg… perhaps Bluebelle had a three-legged angel watching over her.

Without the help of generous donors, the caring and hardworking volunteers of Project Rescue Chicago and the staff at Unleashed pups boarding and daycare, we could never have done right by Bluebelle all the while preserving the memory of a special three-legged dog that was the inspiration for the Trio Animal Foundation.

To Bluebelle… may the rest of your life be filled with joy and love. Your spirit and will to live was unwavering and you touched the hearts of many.

Trio’s mom

Trio Animal Foundation