When TAF first came across Blossom, she had just been impounded at Animal Control. Her face was encrusted with discharge from bilateral cherry eye and she had an upper respiratory infection. To say that she was miserable would be an understatement. However, we did receive one smile that day… it was when we pulled Blossom from her cage. She knew that we were there to save her. Once in our care, Blossom would be treated for an upper respiratory infection and then underwent surgery to correct her bilateral cherry eye. We knew that there was a chance that the cherry eye may come back but we wanted to give her a chance.

When Blossom was ready for adoption, she was so fortunate to have many people that wanted to adopt her. However, one couple in particular was the one meant to be Blossom’s forever family. Even with knowing that Blossom had potty accidents inside and might forever have issues with her eyes, they welcomed her with open arms. They even had a furry brother for Blossom that was a TAF alumnus. The whole situation was perfect. With that we are so happy to officially announce that Blossom has found her forever home! Her happily ever after could not be more amazing and we feel blessed having been able to play a part in it. TAF would like to thank Blossom’s family for being open to adopting a not so medically perfect shelter dog and loving her unconditionally. As fate would have it, one of Blossom’s cherry eyes did return… and not too long after she was adopted. Some might have returned Blossom but her new family chose to stand by her and work with their vet. We offered to cover the cost of treatment but they saw it through. TAF would also like to thank everyone that donated towards Blossom’s medical care. We couldn’t have done it without your support. Lastly, we want to send a big thank you to The Moon Dog Farm for fostering Blossom and making sure that she made it to all of her vet appointments. Your kindness makes it a whole lot easier for us to save more dogs and we are grateful.