When TAF first heard about Bickell, he had been sitting at an open access shelter in Chicago. TAF gave our friends at Project Rescue Chicago a call to see if they would work with us to transfer Bickell out of the facility and get him the medical attention that he needed.

Trio Animal Foundation

Upon meeting Bickell, he looked like he could be used on a PSA to spread the word about the horrors of animal abuse. His neck had upwards of a hundred bite wounds on it and part of his lip was torn. 

As if Bickell’s wounds weren’t bad enough, when we arrived at the vet he promptly vomited up a huge pile of what looked like blue and white bristles from a scouring pad or broom. Besides the pain of his face and neck, his poor belly must have been killing him! 
Trio Animal Foundation
It was at that time that our vet decided that Bickell needed to go in for surgery and have further testing.

Once under, Bickell had an abdominal ultrasound performed to rule out intestinal blockage. Thankfully, the results were negative. 

Next, the deep facial laceration on his face was cosmetically repaired, cleaned and stitched back up to make a complete closure. Bickell’s infected neck wounds were also scrubbed, debrided and he was put on antibiotics. 

Lastly, Bickell was neutered, received his vaccinations, microchipped and was tested for parasites/heartworms. He was able to play with our Canine Rehabilitation Team captain Sophie...look at those smiles!

After weeks of recovering and vet care, we are pleased to report that PRC found Bickell a great home! 

Trio Animal Foundation