TAF is officially announcing the Anna has found her forever home!

When Anna was impounded at Animal Control, her left eye was completely crusted over and she had no vision. Taken over by infection, Anna’s right eye was soon to follow suit. Adding insult to injury, Anna also had a severe double ear infection that caused her ear canals to swell.

Being in such bad shape, TAF was contacted by Animal Control to see if we could help get Anna medical attention. Knowing thar we could do right by her, we agreed to take Anna into our care.

Once at the vet, Anna’s medical team swooped in and took over. Once sedated, the process started to help free Anna’s infected eye from the encrusted puss-soaked fur on her face. At that point, we didn’t even know if she had a viable eye to save. When all was said and done, Anna was able to leave the vet with her eyesight and a whole lot of medications.

As often happens with extreme neglect cases, we would come to find out that Anna had other undiagnosed medical issues. X-rays and an ultrasound would go on to show that Anna had a large bladder stone and kidney stone. Anna’s bladder stone was removed during her spay and dental surgery. As far as her kidney stone, we chose to address it non-surgically and switch her over to a prescription diet. If all worked as planned, the stone would break down on its own.
After all was said and done, it was determined that Anna had been suffering from chronic dry eye and would need medication for the rest of her life. She would also need to be kept on a special diet. This new information definitely made it a bit more complicated when trying to find her a forever home. Between her medical and emotional trauma, we did not want to set Anna up for failure. It was obvious that she had been beaten in the past and at times was emotionally fragile. We really wanted to find her a quiet home where she could flourish and find her happy place.

This is where the good stuff starts…

A lovely woman contacted TAF wanting to adopt Anna. She was fully aware of Anna’s medical issues and that it might take some time for Anna to emotionally come out of her shell. By that time the medical part of Anna’s recovery was easy… it was her emotional scars that ran deep.

Soon thereafter, Anna would take a little trek to go visit her future home. The pandemic made things a bit more challenging but we managed to make our way downtown to the beautiful highrise where Anna’s future mom lived. Anna loved all of the parks around the building and the lakefront which was not the far away. Anna walked on leash like she had lived there all of her life and she owned the place. She had so much confidence and essentially chose her new home, and home, all in one swoop… it was time for her happily ever after to start that very day.

TAF would like to thank everyone that donated towards Anna’s medical bills and those that cheered her on. None of this would have been possible without you! TAF would also like to thank The Moon Dog Farm for helping to foster Anna when we needed extra help. Also, a big thank you to Dr. Moser (Companion Animal Hospital, Wicker Park) for coming to the aid of Anna with little to no notice. In a matter of hours, you were able to change her life forever. Lastly, thank you to Anna’s new mom for taking her in and giving her the loving home that she always deserved. You are the best!