When Anita came into our care she was matted and in pretty bad shape. She had been found walking down the sidewalk in a pretty dangerous neighborhood and one can only guess what might have happened to her is a concerned citizen hadn’t picked her up and brought her to an open access shelter.

After receiving medical treatment at our vet, and a few days of rest, TAF contacted Kay of Zulu Dog + Cat Boutique for a grooming appointment. Kay not only volunteered her services but also changed her schedule in order to groom Anita before she was to be spayed. We knew that a good bath and the removal of all of her matted fur would make Anita feel so much better before her surgery.

Now here is the really cool part… TAF was contacted by the NBC5 award-winning news anchor and reporter, Marion Brooks, about adopting Anita. To think that Anita could go from being homeless on the streets of Chicago to living with good life was pretty amazing. 

Upon meeting Marion and her family, Anita was all wiggles and quickly bonded with her future sister. You could tell in the first 10 minutes that Anita had a new BFF. Anita stayed by her girl’s side and just about lost her mind when she realized that she was going home with her. A beautiful friendship had already begun and our sweet Anita had finally found her forever home… BEST NEWS EVER!