Thank you for your interest in the Trio Animal Foundation (TAF). TAF was founded in honor of a very special dog named Trio. At just four weeks of age, Trio had her back leg bitten off when she was used as bait in a dogfight. Tiny enough to fit in a shoebox, Trio was only given a 10% chance to live. Destined for great things, Trio miraculously recovered and for the next ten years went on to care for the sick and injured foster dogs that came into my home.

The TAF is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that assists shelters, rescues and individuals by paying the medical bills of homeless pets. TAF also promotes adoption and responsible pet ownership, including spay and neuter. 


Many sick and horribly injured animals are brought to shelters each day, and the costs of medical care can easily reach into the hundreds or thousands of dollars per animal. These high medical costs can deter shelters and individuals from taking these animals in, thus leading to the unnecessary deaths of thousands of animals every year. For these troubled animals, TAF can be the answer. Please review our grant application to the right to see if you qualify for assistance with medical bills.

To date, over 2,900 homeless animals have received the medical attention that they desperately needed and thousands more will be saved. 

Trio Animal Foundation