After the passing of her beloved senior Chihuahua, Andrea had been looking for the next little Chihuahua to adopt. It would not only be a companion for her but for her grieving senior Chihuahua Lola. Lola was lost after her brother crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. 

As fate would have it, TAF was at an open access shelter and came across one of the sweetest itty bitty Chihuahuas that would be the perfect fit for Lola. 

When the two pups met in our office, they instantly hit it off and it was obvious that Teasely helped to ease the pain in Lola and her mom’s heart. Through the horrible loss of their beloved Chihuahua, Teasely was given the ultimate gift of a second chance at a new beginning.


Amazing news…the Chicago Police Officer who found Wallace on the side of the road has adopted him!

When 12-13 year old Wallace came into TAF’s care he was an absolute mess and needed to be hospitalized for 2 weeks. In that time he underwent a multitude of tests, treatments and even surgery to keep him comfortable for the twilight time that Wallace has left with his mom. 

When Tammy arrived to pick up her buddy Wallace, he walked over and buried his face in her arms. It was obvious that he remembered the kindness she showed him when he was not feeling well and all alone. He wouldn’t leave her side, and as they walked out the door, we swore there was a spring in his step!

Officer Tammy… thank you so much for all that you do to help the homeless dogs in the city of Chicago!

If you are not familiar with Wallace’s story, here is a link to his original post: https://www.facebook.com/TrioAnimalFoundation/posts/10150728298914955:0



It was about 3 weeks ago that Jane was brought into an open access shelter suffering from a horrendous eye infection/injury. She was in an extreme amount of pain and it was obvious that her eye needed to be removed. In fact, her eye burst just as she was going in for surgery. It is not known how long Jane had been in such bad shape but she was saved just in the nick of time. Now, after surgery, medication and weeks of recovery, little Jane is now happy and literally has a new outlook on life!

As fate would have it, Jane would catch the interest of two former TAF adopters who knew their mom would fall in love with our little yorkie girl. Sure enough, Jane was the one! This amazing family has now adopted 4 of TAF’s little dogs and provided the most amazing lives for each of them… we couldn’t be more thrilled for Jane and her extended family!


With so many emergency cases lately, we forgot to post some pretty special adoptions!

When TAF was down at a local open access shelter, we came across this little girl that was scared and confused. She had just been given up by her owner and we really just couldn't leave her behind.

We are so happy to show you Bambi's happy face and let you know that she has been adopted by a wonderful woman that simply adores her! A picture really is worth a thousand words...


After living on the streets of Chicago, Diesel has finally found his forever home!

In June, TAF was contacted about a stray dog that had just been caught after being loose for over a month outside on the streets of Chicago. A kind woman had been putting food out for Diesel when she saw him come into her yard. TAF’s friend and master humane trapper, Katie, went to help the woman safely catch Diesel so that he could get the medical attention that he needed.

After living over a month outside and a month is our care, we are so happy to announce that Diesel has new dads that love him and are so excited to make him a part of their family. We are so grateful to everybody who played a part in finding Diesel a forever home. You guys are truly amazing!



When Anita came into our care she was matted and in pretty bad shape. She had been found walking down the sidewalk in a pretty dangerous neighborhood and one can only guess what might have happened to her is a concerned citizen hadn’t picked her up and brought her to an open access shelter.

After receiving medical treatment at our vet, and a few days of rest, TAF contacted Kay of Zulu Dog + Cat Boutique for a grooming appointment. Kay not only volunteered her services but also changed her schedule in order to groom Anita before she was to be spayed. We knew that a good bath and the removal of all of her matted fur would make Anita feel so much better before her surgery.

Now here is the really cool part… TAF was contacted by the NBC5 award-winning news anchor and reporter, Marion Brooks, about adopting Anita. To think that Anita could go from being homeless on the streets of Chicago to living with good life was pretty amazing. 

Upon meeting Marion and her family, Anita was all wiggles and quickly bonded with her future sister. You could tell in the first 10 minutes that Anita had a new BFF. Anita stayed by her girl’s side and just about lost her mind when she realized that she was going home with her. A beautiful friendship had already begun and our sweet Anita had finally found her forever home… BEST NEWS EVER!



Carmella was running loose in a pretty rough area of Chicago with a big gash on her neck. Luckily for Carmella there were some pretty great people trying to feed and catch her. Katie, one our trusted friends, was able to catch Carmella and she worked with her friend Cindy to get Carmella the medical attention that she needed. Cindy even cared for Carmella in her home until TAF had space for her. Being able to buy Carmella some time kept her from having to go to the city pound.

Once Carmella was with TAF, we worked on her socialization skills with other dogs and were able to continue her vetting and get her spayed.

As fate would have it, Carmella’s future family wanted to adopt another pup in TAF’s program. When we called this pup’s foster family they let us know that they could not bear to part with their foster pup. Still wanting to help a homeless dog in need, Carmella’s new family agreed to meet Carmella and the rest is history. 

When we drove Carmella out to her new quiet suburb, she seemed quite confused and nervous. She had already been moved around to so many locations and one can only imagine what she was thinking. 

Quite nervous to get out of the car, Carmella quickly warmed up as her new family met her at the front door and knelt down to greet her. Before long, Carmella was investigating throughout the house. When she saw that there were treats in the kitchen, she lie down on the floor, looked up at me and was like, “I’m good, you can leave me now”.

Carmella’s new mom and sister wanted to save a homeless dog and show it what true love is. They did not get deterred when their original choice was not available and instead opened their hearts to another… a selfless act that some might not have been opened to. It truly shows their character and we are so thrilled that they will forever be watching over Carmella. She is one lucky dog... just look at the smile on her face!



When Rocky was transferred into our care from a rural high-kill shelter, they forgot to tell us that he was heartworm positive. In addition to this, he had horrible eye infections and a skin infection that had left a baseball size bald spot on his back.

TAF started medical treatment right away on Rocky and he was hospitalized. Rocky has already received his first heartworm treatment with us and will need to go through one more round. Since coming into our care, both his skin and eye infections have all cleared up.

TAF received an email from a girl who was interested in adopting Rocky. After a few email exchanges, we learned Brianna had found Rocky wandering on a country road. She took him to the police station to check for a microchip and when it was discovered that Rocky was indeed chipped, the police contacted his owner and sent Brianna on her way. While waiting for his owner to come pick him up, Rocky was sent to the local shelter. After a few days Brianna called to check up on him and was told Rocky’s owner had officially relinquished him to the shelter, who in turn transferred Rocky to a rescue. Fortunately the shelter told Brianna that Rocky was safely in our care, which is when she saw his story on our Facebook page.

Brianna offered to take Rocky to her home and care for him during his heartworm treatment. After learning how much effort Brianna had put into getting Rocky to safety, we knew that the best place for him to be was with someone who genuinely had his best interest at heart. TAF contacted her vet to see if they would finish Rocky’s heartworm treatment at their clinic. They spoke with our vet in Chicago, and agreed to treat Rocky. We set up the appointments and made arrangements to cover the costs of the remaining heartworm treatments.

Last Saturday Brianna drove up to Chicago to pick up her boy. Rocky recognized her right away and basically jumped right in her car. He looked over his shoulder at us and was like, “see ya”!

Brianna did everything that you should do when you find a stray and who would have known that her perseverance would lead Rocky right back in her arms. It was always meant to be!

Thank you to everybody that donated to Rocky's medical care and kept him in their thoughts and prayers. Your support is truly appreciated!


We have some great news tonight... Doris has found her forever home!

This past July, TAF came across Doris in an open access shelter. She was scared and shook in the corner of her cage with her ears pinned back. As fate would have it, we pulled Doris just as she was going into heat. Because of this, Doris was our guest for quite some time until she was ready to be spayed. 

After many weeks in our care, Doris blossomed into a wonderful little dog and her ears have finally made their way forward. No more sadness for Doris... only happiness! Many blessings to Doris and her new family!


On two separate occasions, TAF was contacted about two dogs in dire need of medical attention that had been brought into an open access shelter.

It is hard to put into words the condition that Buddy was found and do it justice. Buddy’s thickly matted fur formed a cocoon-like structure around his torso and legs. The fur was wrapped so tightly that it prevented air circulation to his skin, which in turn prevented his damaged, irritated skin from sloughing off. As a result, Buddy had very thin, paper-like skin. A gruesome side effect of this happened while he was being shaved down; parts of Buddy’s skin started to tear away from his muscle like it was tissue paper. This tearing happened on the upper inside of his front legs. This was quite possibly one of the worst case scenarios for a dog covered in extreme filth because it exponentially raised his risk of infection. In addition to this, Buddy’s mouth was rotten and he would eventually have 18 teeth removed.


Because of the severe abuse and neglect, Buddy would go to be hospitalized for weeks undergoing surgery and receiving IV pain medications, antibiotics and fluids. Since Buddy was a senior, nearing 14 years old, we knew that his chances of a full recovery were not in his favor.

At the same time Buddy was at the vet recovering from his abuse, the other dog Hannah was also there. Unbeknownst to us, these two were forming a special kinship through the bars of their cages at the vet. Perhaps that is what they needed to make it through the atrocities that they had lived. A bond between two friends that had suffered similar abuses and were now struggling to survive not only physically but mentally. The comfort that they brought each other was insurmountable and was the driving force behind their recovery.

It was about the time that Hannah and Buddy were leaving the hospital that we received one of the most touching and inspirational adoption applications that we had ever read. It told the story of how a loving father and mother took a 12 year old boy into their home after tragic circumstances left him to grow up in and out of abusive foster homes since the day that he was born in Cook County Jail. After taking on unfathomable hurdles for the past 17 years, their son is now an honor roll student who is lettering in 3 varsity sports and is college bound. Only love can hold one up for such success… the love of a son and the love of his mom and dad. Surely, our Hannah and Buddy would be blessed to be part of this family.

When the day came for Hannah and Buddy to meet their potential family, it was truly amazing. Hannah’s new dad lay on the floor so that she felt more comfortable and Buddy went up to their son and sat on his lap. The family was head over heals for them and said that they wanted to give them a forever home… together!

To say that Hannah and Buddy’s new family have moved us would be an understatement. They are a beaming light in a world that can be dark and cruel. They are an inspiration and are actually doing the footwork to make this world a better place. Their love truly knows no bounds and we are so thankful that they have welcomed our beautiful pups into their home and into their hearts. Hannah and Buddy have finally gotten their happy ending and we are all better people for having met their new family… may the world follow suit.


TAF would like to thank everybody that donated their time and money to make sure that Hannah and Buddy didn't go without and received the best medical care possible. You made their success possible! To everybody that has kept these two in their thoughts and prayers, you are truly special people and we appreciate you!

Read Hannah's story here: http://www.trioanimalfoundation.org/before-after/hannah