In July of 2016, Augustus was found walking down the street on the Southside of Chicago. A concerned citizen called the police dispatcher and asked for help. It was then that the police put a call out a desperate plea for assistance. It did not take long before TAF was contacted and our friend Frank dropped everything to go and pick up Augustus.

As Frank pulled Augustus out of his car at the ER Vet, it took everything not to burst into tears. In his arms was a defeated dog that looked to be holding on for dear life… the abuse that this dog had endured was unfathomable. Chunks of fur and skin were falling off as we walked though the front door at the ER. Augustus’ head was sunken in, he had large deep wounds that were dripping blood, chemical burns, a gunshot wound in his rear leg, a massive pressure sore and his bones pushed so hard against his skin that they looked as though they would break right through his flesh. With such severe muscle atrophy and starvation, Augustus looked like a skeleton. It was only a matter of time before his organs began to shut down.


In days and weeks to follow, Augustus was hospitalized and would nearly succumb to his injuries multiple times. In fact, on a daily basis, we assessed his quality of life and tormented with the responsibility of whether we should continue with his medical care.


Once stabilized, Augustus’ skin erupted with infected pustules and he was admitted back to the ER and cared for by Dermatology. Once diagnosed with several different infections, including MRSA, Augustus was treated with a cocktail of antibiotics. He was transferred back to our normal vet. A few days later he developed severe neck swelling and was rushed back to the ER. Augustus was diagnosed with salivary mucocele (trauma to his salivary glands) and had emergency surgery to rectify the issue so his breathing/swallowing would not worsen. The day after the surgery he developed a reaction to something, possibly the anesthetic, and remained at the ER for days.

Back in our care, Augustus was gaining weight and thriving. Suddenly his skin erupted with pustules again, and we renewed our Dermatology consults. He was treated for more bacterial infections along with secondary infections. Since then, Augustus continues to have occasional pustule flare-ups but we now know how to combat them when they occur.


To date, Augustus receives daily medications, probiotics, a special restricted diet and bi-weekly baths. In the last two weeks we have finally been able to trim his nails without them splitting and crumbing up to the nail bed. His ears are clear and he no longer has peripheral dermatitis and dry skin.


As one can imagine, healing the physical wounds of an abused dog does not make them whole again. In some cases, their emotional wounds can sometimes be their demise as the memories of their abuse run deep. For the last 5 months, TAF’s Medical & Rescue Director has worked non-stop with Augustus. Bridgid has literally done everything to physically and emotionally help Augustus enjoy life again. He wouldn’t have stood a chance without her and because of this he trusts her more than anyone else in the world. To put it nicely, Augustus tolerates people but only wants Bridgid… as far as he is concerned she is the sun and the moon. About a month ago, we had a really qualified potential adopter meet Augustus. Within the first 30 minutes, his behavior made it quite clear that Augustus had no intention of leaving without Bridgid. He actually looked annoyed that we even put him in that position and behaved poorly because of it. The reality was if we let him leave, we would be setting him up for failure. With that being said, for Augustus’ sake, he will be staying with the only mom that he has ever known… Bridgid. Their bond is undeniable and who are we to deny him the happiness that had been stolen from him… the heart wants what the heart wants. Augustus may not be able to change his past but he has most assuredly chosen his future… a future with happiness, love and a mom to call his own.

TAF would like to thank so many people that played a part in Augustus’ recovery. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of people that have rallied and supported Augustus in one way or another. It started with the police department working with the community to bring Augustus to safety; his medical teams and those that donated towards his care, shared his post and prayed for him; the staff at Unleashed Pups for going above and beyond to help medicate, bathe, walk, play and sit with Augustus as he healed and his future mom that tirelessly watched over and cared for him. If one dog can bring this many people together, there is still hope for this world.




Just before Christmas, TAF reached out to our followers and asked for financial support so that we could responsibly pull over 20 dogs from an open access shelter. One of those special dogs was a pup named Sandy and she had been at the facility for a year… actually 362 days!!! During this time, Sandy was receiving treatment for her extreme "happy tail." Happy tail is where the end of a dog's tail splits open from wagging so hard and hitting a wall, side of a cage, etc. Once in TAF’s care, we were able to get Sandy advanced medical care for her tail.

For the first two weeks, Sandy was going to the vet for specialized cold laser treatments and bandage changes. In addition to this, she was taking antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medication. Unfortunately, the infection in the 8 inch long open wound on Sandy’s tail became worse to the point the bandage needed to be removed. The infection went almost all the way up to the base of her tail and was getting really gross despite our best efforts. The only option left was to amputate her tail up to the base. Well, after her surgery, Sandy was as good as gold! She was wagging her new nubbin’ tail around and acted as though nothing had ever happened. This… this was the moment that her new life officially began!

We are beyond thrilled to announce that Sandy has found her forever home! Sandy has a wonderful new mom that adores her and will never know the feel of a cold shelter floor again… just as it should be.



In deplorable condition, Evan was found eating out of a garbage bag on the south side of Chicago. It was New Years Day and Chicago’s winter had already taken a toll on his abused body. Because he had been so matted fur that had never been addressed, much of Evan’s fur had already ripped out from his skin. Before long, the matted fur on the rest of his body would have soon followed suit. Evan’s exposed skin showed signs of frostbite and sores had already started to show.

After two hours of cutting and maneuvering through Evan’s matted fur and wounds, we were able to ease the pressure on his skin and give him a soothing bath. Evan would than on for medical treatment and receive treatment for his injuries.

After some major TLC and medical care, TAF is happy to announce that Evan has found his forever home! Evan instantly hit it off with his new brother and fell in love with the rest of the family. In fact, when the adoption was complete, Evan was the first one out the door and he headed straight for his new family’s car. He was not about to miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime… his second chance! As we have mentioned before, a big thank you to Frank… the gentleman that saw Evan out in the cold and stopped to save him.



In December, TAF asked for help in pulling over 20 dogs from an open access shelter. Aladdin, an owner surrender, was one of those dogs. He was terrified, stressed and was sick with an upper respiratory infection. Even on medication, this infection would quickly turn into a severe case of pneumonia. It would take a little over a month for Aladdin to receive a clean bill of health. At one point, we were nervous that he might not make it but he fought through and recovered with a big smile on his face.

With that being said, we are so happy to announce that Aladdin has found his forever home! He now has a brother to call his own and a mom that adores him. Never again will he be left behind and wonder if someone will come him… for he has found his happily ever after.



On 11/3/16, TAF received a phone call from the Chicago Police Department about a stray dog in need of medical attention. Cubbie had been caught by our CPD hero, Tammy, on the south side of Chicago.

When we went to pick Cubbie up at the police station, we knew that he needed to go to the ER Vet right away. Right off the bat, it was obvious that Cubbie was emaciated, dangerously dehydrated, had an oozing wound on his neck, an infestation of fleas, skin infection and teeth that were cracked and rotting. With more medical testing, we would come to find out that Cubbie had a bladder/kidney infection and suffered from Lyme disease. Cubbie was hospitalized for weeks and would go on to have two surgeries to remedy his neck abscess. He also had extensive dental surgery and weeks of treatment for not only his Lyme disease but his bladder/kidney infections, too. In all, TAF would spend upwards of $3,500 to make Cubbie whole again and ready for adoption.

When it was time to find Cubbie a forever home, he was a hard sell… being a senior, with some bossy tendencies, made it difficult to find a family that could accommodate his needs. Luckily for us, there was a really special woman that was ready to take on a senior that was set in his ways and looking for a second chance. With that, we are so happy to announce that Cubbie has found his forever home! Our senior muppet now has a mom that loves him and a chilled out brother that is the perfect match for him. Cubbie’s twilight years will be peaceful, happy and full of love…just as every dog deserves. 



In August, TAF was called about a stray dog that was dire straights and needed emergency medical care. If you didn’t know better, the dog’s paw looked as though it has been put through a paper shredder. It was hanging in strips and had multiple broken bones. To make matters worse, Edward’s tail had been cut off and split down the middle. Both of his injuries were full of bloody puss and smelled of rotten meat. Even with pain medication, the level of pain that Edward was experiencing was so extreme that by all rights he should have gone into shock. Due to the extent of his injuries, Edward needed to have both his leg and tail amputated within 24 hours of going into the ER.

The next two weeks would also prove to be pretty challenging for Edward and he would end up being hospitalized at the ER vet once more. His little 9lb body just couldn’t keep up with what was expected of it. He was underweight, dehydrated, had a hard time keeping food down and formed a blood clot in his newly amputated tail. It was a really rough time to say the least.

After receiving some excellent medical care, it was finally time to work on Edward’s emotional rehabilitation. The poor guy was terrified of everything expect his foster mom. It was not until he was able to work with one of TAF’s therapy dogs, Hazel Grace, that Edward started to venture out and give other people a chance. It was a struggle for Edward to trust again and he is still working on it. However, we are happy to announce that he is working on it in his new forever home!

One of the technicians who had cared for Edward during his recent stays at the ER vet knew her friend was missing a furry friend in her life. She showed her TAF’s photos of Edward and it was love at first sight! Edward now has a backyard, a grandma who is always home with him, and a peaceful environment where he can thoroughly decompress, relax and enjoy life! This is what Edward’s new mom just wrote us, “Edward is doing great. He is adapting very well. His "healing" is assisted with his love of the outdoors. He loves his daily walks and rests comfortably. He is still a little cautious meeting new people and his doggie friends, but has not responded with any negativity. He is eating very well and loves rolling around in the suburban grass. His hair is beginning to grow in nicely and all sutures/stitches have been removed. He is very comfortable with his new home and takes every advantage to hop up on a sofa or chair. But mostly he likes laps and your full and undivided attention. He shows his gratitude with many doggie kisses. I can't thank you enough for allowing me to adopt Edward!”

TAF wanted to thank everybody that contributed towards Edward’s extensive medical bills that almost reached $10,000. Your thoughts and prayers made his recovery a reality and we cannot thank you enough. You made it possible for Edward to finally have his happily ever after!


In September, Grommit was found wandering the streets of Chicago in deplorable condition. When he was picked up, his fur was falling out from a flea infestation, his mouth was swollen from infection and his teeth were falling out. In fact, Grommit lost 8 of his rotting teeth and in the end only three teeth remained. The poor guy looked like he never had a good day his whole life.

Once healthy and back in our care, Grommit would just wander around the room with a forlorn look on is face. He never sought attention or demanded anything… he just looked lost. One can only imagine what was going on in this senior boy’s mind.

With the help of social media, a loving woman came forward to see if Grommit would like to be part of her family. 

When Grommit met his new mom, he instantly fell in love with her. He kept giving her kisses and all but ran out the door when he was leaving us for his forever home. He is one lucky little guy and we couldn’t be happier for him and his mom.



At just 8 months old, Ivy had suffered more than any dog should. Found on the southside of Chicago, she became another statistic in a long line of abuse cases from that area.

Ivy was hospitalized at the ER Vet and then was transferred to one of our primary vets for hospitalization for a week. It was there that Ivy went in for surgery to have the dead and rotting tissue cut away from her neck. 

We are so happy to announce that Ivy has gone to make a full recovery and has found her forever home!

Ivy’s parents’ lost their beloved dog after 14 years of loving him. When they saw Ivy’s story on facebook, they knew that she was the one that would make their family whole again. It is truly a happily ever after.



On November 30th, TAF asked for donations so that we could pull dogs from an open access shelter. Luckily for us, and for the dogs, many of our wonderful supporters took action and made it happen!

One of those dogs, a one-year-old owner surrender named Dusty, was part of that group. After purchasing Dusty from a pet store, her owners said that she was too much work and turned her over to an open access shelter.

After fully being vetted, vaccinated, microchipped and spayed, we are so happy to announce that Dusty has a new mom to call her own! This is a big win for everybody that chipped in and made this new family a reality. You’re the BEST!


Santa Claus came early for our little Christmas Carol this year... he gave her a forever home! 

One of TAF's longtime friends reached out to us and said that he would give Carol the best home possible and all the love in the world... you have to love a man that is willing to put on a Santa hat and adopt an itty bitty chihuahua!

Merry Christmas to this new dynamic duo!