Van Gogh


When an open access shelter reached out to TAF regarding a little chunky 8-month-old puppy that reminded them of our therapy dog Hippo, we couldn’t say no. In fact, it was the same rescue that had called us about Hippo when she came to them in such horrific condition as a puppy. This male puppy came into the shelter as a stray. He was missing one of his ears, was a heavy breather and snorted like a piglet when he got excited. He even wiggled his whole butt when he was running around the lobby. He was absolute precious!

Once we got to know more about this little meatball’s personality, we asked Hippo’s mom and dad if they were interested in getting her a brother. Once they met Van Gogh, and saw how much he loved Hippo, it was a done deal… Van Gogh had a new forever home and one of the coolest sisters in the world!



On March 31st, TAF was called by an open access shelter about an injured female puppy that had been brought in as a stray. The puppy was estimated to be about 10 months old, weighed in at 5 lbs. and could not use her rear left leg. We were told that she was possibly suffering from a broken pelvis or leg. Knowing that ER hospitalization and orthopedic surgery would easily exceed $4,000, we initially said no. However, after sitting with this decision, we knew that we were in a position to save her and help ease her pain. It was a call on our faith and morality and we knew that we couldn’t leave her behind.

Once at the ER Vet, it was determined that Trinket had a severely broken leg that had gone untreated for quite some time. With quality of life in mind, it was decided that Trinket needed to have her leg amputated. Within days of the operation, Trinket was walking around like nothing had ever happened. In fact, she even wanted to play (which she was not allowed).

After fully recovery in her foster home with some of the TAF’s therapy dogs (Miller, Antler, Hazel Grace and Bentley), Trinket was ready for the wonderful family that was waiting to adopt her.


With that being said, we are so happy to announce the Trinket has found her forever home! Trinket’s new mom and dad are retired and will be able to spend so much time with Trinket and her brother… nothing but happy memories from here on out! TAF would like to thank everybody that was able to donate towards Trinket’s surgery and kept her in their thoughts and prayers. Once again, TAF’s supporters saved the day and made it possible for another homeless dog to get their happy ending!



On April 7, 2017, TAF was called about a critical case at an open access shelter. The shelter had a small dog with a large hole in the back of his leg, which was already necrotic. You could not only smell the rotting flesh but also see that the tendons in his back leg had been severed. He was in an enormous amount of pain and, to make things more challenging, the tightly matted fur around his back paws and tail acted like a vice grip. (The matted fur actually needed to be cut off with a surgical blade.) Once at the ER Vet, it was determined that Argyle would need emergency orthopedic surgery to suture his tendons back together and cut away as much dead tissue as possible to try and prevent further spread of infection. Because of the location of the injury, the odds were stacked against him his medical team prepared him for emergency surgery in hopes to save his leg.

Argyle would go on to stay hospitalized at the ER Vet and was then transferred to TAF’s vet. After a few days, Argyle started to spike a fever and the infection in his leg had begun to spread. Because of this, blood poisoning was a major concern and it was decided that to save his life, Argyle’s leg would need to be amputated. When all was said and done, Argyle’s medical care exceeded $7,000…. It cost an arm and literally a leg. Even though it was an unexpected financial hit, the surgeries were well worth it because within seven days of his amputation, Argyle was up and running around without a care in the world.

He had a grin from ear to ear was completely pain free! With that being said, we are so excited to announce that Argyle has made a full recovery and has found his forever home! Argyle’s new mom and dad adore him and he will know nothing but love from here on out. He has received his second chance at a new beginning! A big thank you to those who contributed towards Argyle’s medical care and who kept him in their thoughts and prayers! Your support is beyond appreciated and Argyle made a full recovery because of it!



For over 2 months, TAF has been treating Eastwood after he was found in horrendous condition. He was emaciated, had a gut full of metal/bones, was unable to fully urinate on his own and had a skin condition. In all, his system was beginning to shut down and he needed to be hospitalized for a very long time.

After weeks of continual medical care, medication and emotional support, we are happy to say that Eastwood has made a full recovery and has even found his forever home! When he was at his worst, it would be Eastwood’s haunting eyes that would catch his future mom’s attention on facebook. After we had weeks of constant contact with his future mom, who just so happens to be a vet, the two met and it was love at first sight. When it was finally the official day of his adoption, Eastwood immediately recognized his new mom when she walked into the room and was thrilled to see her. Eastwood has officially left the city of Chicago and is now living the life of luxury in a quiet suburb far away. No longer living in a dangerous neighborhood, he will never hear gunfire again or be abused by those who have evil in their hearts. In the end, Eastwood beat all odds and received his second chance. TAF would like to thank Frank who went out of his way to catch Eastwood. Also, to all of the people that donated towards Eastwood’s care, kept him in their thoughts and prayers and shared his story, we couldn’t have saved him without you… we thank you and Eastwood thanks you.



On May 9th, TAF posted about a senior dog that had been brought to an open access facility after his owner had just passed away. With no family member willing to take him in, this 7 year old Sheltie’s fate seemed to be sealed. Knowing that we could immediately do right by this medically challenged senior, TAF agreed to take Rockford into our program. As the shelter had told us, Rockford was absolutely terrified and so obese that he needed help to stand. When we went to lift him up, Rockford urinated on himself and the look of shame on his face was heartbreaking.

After seeing the urine burns on his belly, the condition of his testicles, ears, teeth and the distorted shape of his body, we took Rockford straight to the vet. After a multitude of tests, x-rays and an ultrasound, it was determined that Rockford needed to have a tumor removed from his testicles and repair/remove infected teeth in his mouth.

Once released from the hospital, TAF began working on Rockford’s mental and physical rehabilitation. Physically, Rockford had thick, raw hematomas on his elbows, was very unsteady while walking, suffered from joint pain, and had developed a scrotal hematoma after being neutered. This hematoma would lead to a second surgery to relieve him of pain. For the next two months, Bridgid (TAF’s Medical & Rescue Director) and Rockford became buddies and Bridgid would prepare homemade chicken and rice meals for him. He especially enjoyed the bone broth as he jumpstarted his new diet plan. Along with this, Rockford was given supplements and medication to help his body heal. To date, Rockford has lost 17 pounds. In the last two weeks, it became apparent that Rockford’s recovery was going to take longer than expected and that he was becoming depressed.

Because of this, we began looking for a forever home that we could work with while fulfilling all of Rockford’s needs. Luckily for us, the perfect forever home was waiting for him! With that, TAF is beyond happy to share that Rockford has been adopted! His new family is thrilled is have him and are committed to continuing the weight loss plan. Rockford has now left Chicago and moved to a quiet countryside home in Wisconsin. Rockford’s parents are retired and will make his twilight years even more special than we ever could have imagined. Rockford now has a big backyard to adventure around in and a deck where he can sunbathe… with such a sad beginning, we couldn’t have asked for a happier ending. TAF would like to thank everybody that has rallied behind Rockford and donated towards his continued medical care. This is a win for everybody!


IT'S A 3-PEAT FOR ONE VERY SPECIAL MOM & DAD! TAF would like to introduce you to an amazing couple that has just adopted their 3rd forever fur kid from TAF. Chris and Cassie first fell in love with owner surrendered Terry when he came into our program in March of 2016. The following month, Terry became part of their family and lived this high life camping, canoeing, playing ball, etc. It would be January 2017 when Chris and Cassie fell in love with a little girl that had been abandoned outside of the home that her family once lived. That very next month, Aveline would become the second addition to their family. We are now so happy to announce that this loving couple is welcoming Harlow into their home! No longer will Harlow be fending for herself on the streets of Chicago. Instead, she will be navigating for the best seat on the couch next to mom and dad. This trio of once homeless pups now knows the power of 3 and we couldn’t be happier for this happy family… 3x’s the love! Cassie and Chris, thank you so much for opening up your home and giving love to the these once forgotten pups. May you have endless years of happiness!


We have fantastic news… Dorinda has found her forever home!!! After running scared for several weeks on the southwest side of Chicago, Dorinda was finally caught by some caring citizens.

Once in our care, Dorinda went in for a much needed grooming and medical attention. Dorinda’s now has a big family that loves her and she will never go without, again. She is truly a little survivor and has the personality of a star… just look at her smile!


On November 25, 2016, TAF pulled this senior guy from an open access shelter. He was quiet and came to the front of his cage when he heard up walking down the aisle. Nick was smart because he knew well enough to stick his grey muzzle through the bars of his cage and lick Bridgid, TAF’s Medical & Rescue Director, as she walked by. Needless to say, his show of affection sealed the deal and he was leaving with us.

Soon thereafter, Nick would start showing signs of kennel cough, which turned into an upper respiratory infection. Run down from the stress of the open access shelter, it took Nick a little longer to recover than we had hoped. Once 100% healthy and feeling himself, Nick had a bit more “personality” than we had previously thought. It would take some time of working with Nick to figure out what made him happy so that we didn’t set him up for failure. 

With that, we are thrilled to announce that Nick has found his forever home with a mom that adores him! Nick’s mom is understanding of his reservations towards some people and dogs and continues to work to make him feel comfortable. It takes a really good person to rescue a dog that needs emotional support and understands that they are a product of their previous life… Nick is a very lucky boy with a very cool mom!


We have some great news... four month old Slippers has found her forever home! 

When TAF pulled this "little" girl last week from an open access shelter, she was unsure of herself and shy. When Slippers was paired up with her new sibling, she was so happy and the two quickly bonded. Slippers' new mom and dad are over the moon about their new baby girl and we couldn't ask for a better pairing... there is so much love in this beautiful family!


We have more great news... four month old Tutu was adopted!

When TAF picked up Tutu from a local open access shelter, she was shy and scared. The shelter environment was just too much for her and we knew that she needed to go into a forever home asap.

Luckily for Tutu, an amazing family, with two confident dogs to show her the ropes, was waiting for a pup just like her! Now, Tutu has a forever home with awesome parents and siblings of the human and dog kind... she will know nothing but love the rest of her long and happy life!